Course Measuring

3.1 Course Measuring. 

When course measuring it is important that the distance counter used is calibrated using one of the official measured miles. To create a new measured mile the Assistant Secretary–Courses can help and can supply guidance notes.  (A 100ft steel tape is available for loan, on application.)

3.2 Approved Measured Miles

  1. BRADWELL. Start on B1021, at 4th kerb joint south of gateway, opposite Bradwell Marina entrance (OS 996076). Proceed south to finish at north end of drain, adjacent to southern exit of garage (OS 994063).
  2. MARKS TEY. Start on A.120 at paint mark, at drain vent, opposite PP F.70. (Near Godbolts Nursery, Little Tey) OS 895234. Proceed west to finish at 9th kerb joint from east end of drain vent, in lay-by west and opposite Kings Arms PH at Broad Green. OS 879232.
  3. UGLEY, 33rd MILESTONE. Start at joint in kerb exactly opposite 33rd milestone, adjacent to St. Aubyns Cottage. Proceed north past the Chequers PH to finish one yard south of drain cover, 43 feet short of the 34th milestone (the measurement is taken approx one foot out from the kerb).
  4. WRITTLE, A414. Start at paint mark near L.P. C4, approximately 50 yards east of A.414/ Margaretting/Writtle roundabout. Proceed towards Widford to finish at paint mark 69 foot 8 inches past second drain, after ‘Reduce Speed Now’ sign just after River Wid.
  5. WRITTLE, A414 - HALF MILE. Start at paint mark on curb, on south side of road and 33 curb joints west of first drain, west of crash barrier before bridge over River Wid. Proceed westerly to finish at paint mark by L.P. 22 (last LP before entry into Hylands Park).
  6. BOREHAM MILE - B1137. Start on B1137 at paint mark at kerb joint 2' east of TP 1204 (approx. 100 yds east of Cock Inn). Proceed east to finish at paint mark 3'00" east of drain opposite Post Box (approx 50 yards west of Crix Lodge).
  7. BOREHAM HALF MILE - B1137. Start at paint mark at kerb joint by Post Box (opposite finish of mile). Proceed west to finish at paint mark 4'2" west of EP 539023 adjacent to house “Russets”.

3.3 London East Courses. 

Only courses approved by the District Committee can be used.  This applies to both Open and Club events, new, existing or amended.  Refer to the current Course Descriptions on the CTT website for those already approved.

From time-to-time additions or alterations will be made to approved listings.  The new or revised course descriptions will be issued to the appropriate promoters and the Police by the District Secretary.  The District Committee will be pleased to consider either new courses or amendments to existing courses.  Help should be sought from the Assistant Secretary Courses or a Course Measurer (see list approved Course Measurers).  Normally proposed course details are routed through the Assistant Secretary Courses (Refer to Reg. 32 and 33, in the National Handbook).