Event Planning

1.1 Approval of Events

  1. ALL time trials within the London East area must be approved by the District Committee.
  2. Where events use courses, which overlap other CTT District areas, the Assistant Sec Events needs to obtain approval from that District PRIOR to the event being submitted for inclusion in the National Handbook. The Event Sec must send a copy of the Police Notification to all CTT Districts that the course covers.

1.2 Open/Association Events (Type A)

Open events are applied for in writing before and confirmed at the Date Fixing Conference, which follows completion of the District AGM, held at the beginning of October each year.


  • a copy of the Police Notification form not less than 42 days before the date of the event. A copy of the Start Sheet, sent by first class mail or email at the same time it is sent to riders. a copy of the Result Sheet not later than 28 days after the date of the event.
  • The following documents must be sent to the Assistant Secretary–Events and Treasurer. These need to sent, either by post or email, at the same time as the Startsheet details are uploaded to CTT.
  • Event front sheet which should contain the following details which are required by the CTT national regulations.

            That the event is being held ‘For and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its Rules & Regulations’

            Title of the event

            Date of the event

            Name and address of the Event Secretary

            Name(s) of approved timekeeper(s)       

            Name (if applicable) of the approved  handicapper

            A full description of the course, including the course key number, with precisely stated start and finish points, turning                                                      points and intermediate distances. 

            Details of prize awards 

            Any applicable Local Regulations.

  • Event Startsheet detailing rider numbers and start times. This could either be a print of the CTT Startsheet details or a Startsheet that was prepared by the organiser and issued to the riders.

1.3 Club Events (Type B)

Club events are normally applied for in writing, at the end of November each year, to the Assistant Secretary–Events. Additional events should be applied for at least two months before the required date to allow time for processing, including submission of Police Notification Forms and is subject to a suitable course/time of start being available.

a)            Clubs must start their events promptly at the time allocated, as shown in this Handbook. b)     ALL riders in a Club event must complete and sign the official Signing-on Sheet (copies are available from the District Secretary or the CTT Website (www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk)

c)            Private time trials must not be accepted if it means your event will overlap the time allocated for a following event. Clubs who accept private time trials should note that CTT insurance covers ALL riders providing they are members of an affiliated Club. 

Note: IT IS INCUMBENT UPON THE PROMOTER TO ENSURE THAT ANY PRIVATE TIME TRIALIST IS A MEMBER OF AN AFFILIATED CLUB and that their address is recorded (limited private time trials are allowed by riders who are not members of an affiliated Club, in “Come & Try It” events. Contact the District Secretary for a Guidance Note giving the criteria and advice, also available from the CTT Website as above.

1.4 Club Event Levies

The rider levy is currently set at £4.00 per rider.  A single payment of the rider levies for all rides within the year, including any PTT’s, needs to be paid before the 30th November. Where the club has any club event schedules after the 30th November the club levies need to be paid within 7 days of the last scheduled club event of the year. All levy payments must be accompanied with a completed annual club event return which should be sent to the District Treasurer. There is no longer any need to send copies of the signing on sheets to the District Treasurer but these should still be retained by club event organiser. The levies can paid either by cheque, made out to ‘Cycling Time Trials’, or by bank transfer into the district’s bank account  (Lloyds Bank, 30-98-97, 34263468).

1.5  Feeding Stations. 

Long term use of a lay-by for a feeding station is be avoided, as it is a cause for complaint by members of the public also wishing to use the lay-by.

1.6  Reserves for Oversubscribed Events

National Regulations allow, in the case of an over subscribed event, for a Reserve Rider Scheme which is operated at the promoter's discretion. The current conditions of the scheme are shown in the National Handbook. Any promoter requiring further details or advice should contact the District Secretary.

1.7 Handicapping Methods. 

Handicapping of events can be carried out by  the promoter, using CTT Standard Handicapping Tables. Promoters wishing to do their own handicapping should contact the District Secretary for details.